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WearEver Ceramic Cookware Review

About WearEver 

The WearEver cookware and bake-wear was company founded during the turn of the nineteenth century, after the invention of the newly invented technique of smelting aluminum through electrochemical reduction. As the story goes, the consumption of aluminum decreased, and smelters found that making cookware was an elegant way to continue their craft and offer something to consumers.

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WearEver is an American brand owned by Groupe SEB, a company that focuses on home appliances. They make everything from non-stick aluminum pans and stainless-steel pots to metal utensils and pizza pans.

WearEver Ceramic Cookware Sets Reviewed 

The brand has a wide selection of pans and pots belonging to the same cookware line and available to buy in several different sets. For this comparison, we have looked at the 15-piece set which does not include any utensils and the 10-piece set with fewer number of cookware items and 2 utensils included.

WearEver Pure Living 15-Piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set


This cookware set comes in a sleek modern design, and the red color adds a bright touch to your kitchen space. The aluminum build makes them relatively lightweight, making the pieces easy to move from place to place.


The pieces in the WearEver 15-piece cookware set come with a high-quality aluminum base, silicone riveted handles, and recyclable ceramic coating.

The coating is free of PTFE, PFOA, cadmium, and lead, and the aluminum bodies of the pots and pans are highly resistant to stains.

They can be used on any stovetop besides induction stovetops since aluminum is not magnetic enough to work with those types of cooking surfaces.


The pieces in the set boast high heat resistance, able to withstand cooking surfaces of up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and oven temperatures up to 350 degrees. However, you won't need to go this high - and shouldn't, to avoid damaging the pots and pans - to cook excellently still, because the aluminum base allows for even heat distribution. The non-stick coating also will enable you to work with less oil, saving kitchen resources and promoting better health.

The riveted handles offer a secure grip, and food cooks pretty evenly in these pots and pans. The only downside is that, despite advertising themselves as durable against metal utensils, metal utensils will, unfortunately, still leave scratches. It's better to use wooden or silicone utensils instead.

It is also recommended that you season your pan before you cook. Do this on a low or medium heat setting, and do not apply the oil before the pan is hot. Apply with a paper towel to make sure you get every area. Seasoning the pan before cooking will extend its lifespan.


The manufacturer advertises the products as dishwasher safe, but in reality, these items should only be hand-washed. Because the soap will degrade the non-stick coating over time, it's better to wash them by hand with hot water and as little soap as possible.

Due to the non-stick nature of the pan, sometimes you won't even need to use soap at all, especially if you seasoned the pan adequately before using it for cooking. Do not use abrasive brushes or sponges, otherwise, you're guaranteed to scratch up the insides.

The set contains:

  • A 1-quart cooking pot
  • A 2-quart cooking pot
  • A 3-quart cooking pot with 1 steamer insert
  • A 5-quart cooking pot
  • An 8-inch skillet
  • A 10.5-inch skillet
  • A 12-inch skillet
  • A 10.5-inch saucepan
  • 6 lids for their respective dishes - the cover for the 3-quart pot is also meant for the 8-inch skillet, and the top for 10.5-inch skillet is also intended for the 10.5-inch saucepan


  • Nonstick coating makes them easy to cook with and clean when using proper care
  • High-quality aluminum allows for even heat distribution
  • The items are durable and can last a very long time if you take care of them
  • PTFE, PFOA, cadmium, and lead-free for your health
  • Silicone handles don't get too hot to touch as metal handles would


  • Scratches easily; be wary of metal utensils, abrasive sponges, and stacking them with other cookware
  • Non-stick coating can be damaged if put on high heat

​WearEver 10-Piece Pure Living Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set


WearEver's ten-piece cookware set comes in a unique golden color and polished look to add some dazzle to your cooking area. It’s also available in red. With lightweight aluminum, soft cooking handles, and a clean appearance, the set is a fantastic addition in your kitchen.


This set comes with cookware made from an aluminum body with an aluminum base for each piece, with non-stick ceramic coating on the inside of the dishes and ergonomic riveted silicone handles. Like in the 15-piece set, the items are PTFE, PFOA, and cadmium-free and are safe for all stovetop types besides induction stovetops.


WearEver cookware comes made for high performance, and by trapping and evenly distributing heat, it certainly delivers. It's best not to cook on high heat, even if WearEver advertises that the cookware can take up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and best to only use the nylon - or other nylon, wooden, or silicone - tools included to prevent any scratching that may happen with metal utensils.

The silicone grips ensure you won't get burnt by the handles, though you should still always use oven mitts if you're using a piece for cooking in the oven.

Like with all of WearEver's cookware, you can make them last longer if you season your cookware before cooking by applying oil to the hot pan (not a heating one, but an already hot one) and letting sit for five minutes. Proper season not only improves the ability to cook your food perfectly but makes the dishes more comfortable to clean afterward.


These dishes are to be washed by hand, despite the "dishwasher-friendly" advertisement. If you've properly seasoned your pan, all the grime should come off with hot water and just a touch of soap, if you find you even need to use any soap at all.

After washing, avoid placing these items on a drying rack with other pans because they might scratch if they come in contact with other cookware.

The set contains:

  • A 5-quart Dutch oven
  • A 3.5-quart skillet
  • A 3-quart saucepan
  • A 10.5-inch sauté pan
  • An 8-inch sauté pan
  • 5 lids, one for each respective item
  • A nylon spatula
  • A nylon cooking spoon


  • The soft-grip handles won't burn you while you cook
  • Non-stick coating makes for a more effortless clean
  • Aluminum base allows for even heat distribution
  • PTFE, PFOA, and cadmium-free
  • Highly resistant to staining if you take proper care of them


  • Can be damaged if used on too high of a heat for cooking
  • Susceptible to scratching if placed with other cookware, washed with an abrasive sponge, or touched with metal utensils

Alternatives to Consider

For those looking for a bigger cookware set to equip a large kitchen, the 17-piece Hard Anodized Nonstick set from T-fal is another great option in the same price range as the 15-piece WearEver set.

If you are looking to brighten your kitchen with vibrant colors, these 10-piece Nonstick cookware sets from Rachel Ray can be an alternative to the 10-piece WearEver set for a similar price.


Both of the WearEver ceramic cookware sets we have looked at are a stylish addition to any kitchen. The 15-piece collection can provide a solid foundation for new households and can be great presents for a reasonable price. The 10-pice set can handle the needs of newer cooks or a smaller kitchen. We have found these to be a good value for your money among ceramic cookware sets available on the market today.

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