Mango Hoi An Restaurants

Mango Hoi An is a group of popular restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam. The menus were created by Chef Duc, a Vietnam-born and Texas raised culinary master.

Chef Duc has brought his vast experiences from traveling and cooking around the world into the food in Mango restaurants. His knowledge and love of food combined with the fresh locally sourced ingredients made these restaurants famous. They are highly recommended by many online sources such as the Forbes Travel Guide, Tripadvisor and the Traveller.

Mango Mango

A riverside restaurant, bar and lounge where unique food creations from chef Duc are served alongside of craft beer, cocktail creations and a selection of Cuban cigars. A spectacular view of one of the most famous bridges of Hoi An, combined with live music provides a one-of-a-kind atmosphere popular with tourists and locals alike.


The menu in Mango Mango is dominated with fresh fish and seafood dishes. Red snapper, squid, shrimp, local noodles and produce such as morning glory, tamarind and papaya are the staples of the main menu. The dessert section – not surprisingly – features the local mango varieties and passion fruit in several tantalizing combinations.

Mai Fish

A classic eatery by the river, Mai Fish is serving local Vietnamese specialities with a twist from Chef Duc. With a traditional wooden floor, tables and chairs, this little restaurant has a relaxed vibe to it, earning a returning customer base.


Lighter menu items such as baguettes, spring rolls and salads are offered alongside duck or prawn curry, tofu, rice platters and seafood dishes. Exotic fruits and a selection of ice creams are served as dessert.

Mango Rooms

At the heart of Hoi An old town, Mango Rooms, the third restaurant in the group provides delicious food in a welcoming environment for hungry tourists, expats and locals. A full menu with starters, salads, mains and desserts is served, complemented by an innovative cocktail selection.


Pho, ceviche and spring rolls are on offer, followed by a range of healthy salads based on fresh, local veggies and fruits. Classic main dishes such as beef tenderloin, chicken breast, fish and prawns are served with a spicy twist. Banana and mangoes are the stars of the dessert section.

Best Dishes

It’s not easy to highlight just a few items from the 3 menus. Based on our experience as well as feedback from other customers here is a short list of crowd favorites.

Starters: the in-house version of spring rolls with shrimp and mangoes served with a peanut sauce takes the crown here, closely followed by the fabulous fish salad with mixed greens, sprouts and julienne green mangoes.

Mains: the slow cooked duck leg curry served with taro root and sweet potato is hard to beat for lunch. Fish lovers will appreciate the pan-seared red snapper fillet with a mango-tomato-garlic sauce. The Tom Rang Me is an outstanding seafood dish consisting of caramelized giant prawns, lemongrass, ginger, onion, garlic and tamarind.

Desserts: the mango flambe with coconut sauce and the classic mango sticky rice are just two of the best choices from the dessert menu.

Food Sources

Fresh, local ingredients are essential for healthy, high-quality dishes. All three Mango restaurants are sourcing their fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and duck from local food markets where the sellers often provide advice on how best to prepare a particular ingredient for the best taste.

Kitchen Equipment

The Mango restaurants are equipped with modern kitchens. As you can expect from traditional restaurants, mostly cookware for gas stoves is used, as well as a carbon steel wok selection. As for the cookware brands, Rachael Ray pots and pans and Blue Diamond frying pans are the favorite tools of the chefs.


If you enjoy fresh, healthy food made from local ingredients you will appreciate the value you get from the Mango group of restaurants. Customers in online reviews are not shy to recommend these venues and we encourage you to give them a try as well.

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