Gotham Steel vs Red Copper

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper comparison

The choice between Red Copper and Gotham Steel is a battle between two As-Seen-On-TV cookware brands.

We have compared their lineup and spent hours digging through the experiences of other users so we can give you the definite answer.

Whether you are looking for a nonstick fry pan or a cookware set, we have all the information you need right here. Read on!

Quick decision: If you don’t have the time to read all the detailed reviews, here are our best picks for some common cookware types:

Gotham Steel Nonstick Frying Pan 11''

Best frying pan

  • Made of ceramic and super strong titanium
  • Nonstick ceramic copper coating
  •  Suitable for all stovetops besides induction

BulbHead Red Copper 10 PC Copper-Infused Ceramic Non-Stick

Best beginner’s cookware set

  • Made of aluminum
  • Strong copper-infused ceramic coating 
  • Suitable for all stovetops excluding induction

Gotham Steel Pots and Pans Set – Premium Ceramic Cookware

Stylish everyday cookware set

  • Made of solid aluminum
  • Ceramic and titanium coating
  • Suitable for all stovetops including induction

Gotham Steel Pro Hard Anodized Pots and Pans 13 Piece

Best high-end cookware set

  • Made of hard-anodized aluminum
  • Premium nonstick cooking surface 
  • Suitable for gas and electric cooktops

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper: Product Lineup 

Powered by the success of the Original Collection, Gotham Steel is constantly expanding its offerings. There are now more than 20 different combinations of products in this nonstick ceramic line, ranging from single pans to complete kitchen sets. It is even available in multiple colors.

Gotham steel cookware product

Compared to the Original Series, the Pro Series is stronger and more durable, thanks in large part to the higher-quality aluminum base.

The stainless steel line contains one set and individual frying pans with a copper-colored ceramic coating on a stainless steel/aluminum base.

Additionally, they offer the hammered line for extra flair points, the Stackmaster line for storage convenience, and squared deep pans with fry baskets.

Red Copper, on the other hand, is produced by the BulbHead company, which is a brand of many different products, cookware only being one of them.

Red Copper cookware product

They only offer one true cookware set, a 10-piece collection of their copper infused ceramic cookware pieces.

They also produce individual frying pans, both round and square shaped, and a deep pan with a fry basket.

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper: Construction, Materials & Coatings 

Gotham Steel Cookware 

With the Original Series line, solid aluminum bases ensure even heat distribution, but the pieces cannot be used on an induction stove. Compared to the other pieces, these are a little more likely to dent.

cookware set placed on table

According to the company, its signature Ti-Cerama ceramic nonstick coating is free of PFOA, PFOS, PTFE, lead, cadmium and is reinforced with titanium, which prevents scratching.

We then have the Pro line, made of solid aluminum that is hard anodized for extra durability. They are coated with the same Ti-Cerama coating.

The Stainless Steel line from Gotham Steel expands the company's product range beyond aluminum. In keeping with the name, these pans are made of stainless steel that is layered with aluminum to add durability and conduct heat well. They use the usual Ti-Cerama nonstick cooking surface.

In spite of its attractive hammered copper appearance, the Hammered line is made of solid aluminum and features nonstick ceramic interiors. These pots are induction ready thanks to the steel induction plates.

Red Copper Cookware 

Red Copper pots and pans are made of aluminum. They feature pure aluminum cooking rings at their bottom where the red exterior coating is missing, to aid even heat distribution during use.

cookware set placed on table

Their signature copper infused ceramic nonstick coating covers the inner surface of all pieces. The coating does not contain any PFOA or PTFE chemicals.

They come with riveted stainless steel handles and glass lids which are also sold separately.

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper: Usability 

When it comes to regular frying pans, there are not much difference between these 2 brands. The pans from Red Copper feel a little lighter and maybe a little flimsy.

Making food in steel pan

The pans do a good job with the regular foods such as eggs of any kind, cooking bacon, or sauteing vegetables. If you are into steaks, we think there are better choices on the market.

Cleanup and food separation is great, as long as the coating is intact.

Red Copper instructs new users to season their pans before the first use and repeat it every time food starts to stick. Gotham Steel does not mention this, but their pans can benefit from the occasional seasoning too.

Looking at cookware sets, the competition gets really lopsided.

Red Copper only has one true cookware set and we can only recommend it if you are looking for a budget option or buying the first set for a new cook. It does a decent job for the price but feels lightweight for heavy use.

All Red Copper pots and pans need seasoning before use which is something you wanna explain to a beginner cook if this set is a gift.

Gotham Steel has a much wider selection of sets.

Gotham steel cookware placed on gas stove

Their Original collection is right there with the Red Copper set when it comes to usability and price, but it comes in bigger sets of up to 20 pieces for bigger kitchens.

If you cook often and require higher performance from your cookware pieces, the Pro line can handle the job. Their hard-anodized base will withstand regular use and suitable for seasoned home chefs too.

Induction Compatibility 

The Original and Pro lines of Gotham Steel don't work on induction stoves, but it's possible to use all the other lines.

Red Copper uses an aluminum base for their cookware, and these are not compatible with induction stoves.

Oven Compatibility 

Gotham steel pan in oven

It is possible to use all Gotham Steel products in an oven at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Red Copper pans and pots can also transfer from stovetop to oven in the same temperature range – up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


With Ti-Cerama, you can easily separate and clean food while it retains its original look and quality. However, once the coating has been damaged, pots become sticky very quickly. This is true with all ceramic nonstick cookware.

cleaning pot and pan

The manufacturer clearly says their cookware is dishwasher safe, but we would hand wash them.

Similar to Gotham Steel, the nonstick surface of Red Copper pans is easy to clean while intact. Avoid abrasive cleaners and metal scrubs to extend the lifetime of the pans.

The company markets their cookware as dishwasher safe, but they actually recommend hand washing too.


Gotham Steel offers a limited 10-year warranty on their products.

Red Copper boasts a “Lifetime Replacement Guarantee”, but customers have had issues getting their pieces replaced.


Among the frying pans available from Gotham Steel are 8", 8.5", 10", 10.5", 11", 12", a 5.5" mini egg pan, 8.5" and 10.25" hammered look pans, and deep square pans which are 20".


Red Copper makes 8”, 10” and 12” round frying pans and there is a 9.5” square fry pan in their range too.

Gotham Steel vs Red Copper: The Verdict

Both Gotham Steel and Red Copper produce decent quality, affordable frying pans. You can go either way here, we recommend Gotham Steel due to the slightly sturdier build of their pans.

The budget or beginner cookware set category is the only one where we feel Red Copper may be a better choice. Their 10-piece is hard to beat when it comes to value for the price.

For more serious home chefs, the Pro and Hammered lines from Gotham Steel provide a good alternative to many pricier, big name cookware brands.

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