Are Gotham Steel Pans Toxic or Safe to Use?

Making food in Gotham steel cookware

Gotham Steel uses flashy marketing to sell their cookware and these pans look pretty convincing on TV.

We were curious to test them but even before we did that, we wanted to make sure they are safe to cook with.

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So we have done some deep research into the manufacturing process, materials used, and whether they can release toxic fumes or not. Here is what we have found.

Gotham Steel pots and pans are not toxic and safe to use within the given temperature range. Their Ti-Cerama coating is a durable, reinforced ceramic cooking surface and does not contain any dangerous chemicals.

Keep reading for the detailed breakdown of materials and for information on dishwasher and oven use.

Is Gotham Steel Cookware Safe?

When it comes to cookware safety, the first thing to investigate is the materials and chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

What Is Gotham Steel Made Of?

The base material of most Gotham Steel pots and pans is aluminum. The only exception is their Tri-Ply stainless steel frying pan.

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The Original and the Hammered series feature a solid aluminum base while the Pro series has a hard-anodized aluminum base.

Aluminum is a safe material for cookware as long as it's covered with a coating surface.

The cooking surface is their own ceramic finish called Ti-Cerama. It does not contain any of the potentially harmful 4-letter chemicals such as PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS. It is also free from lead and cadmium which could leak into the food, making cooking surfaces that contain them toxic.

Ti-Cerama is a ceramic coating reinforced with titanium to make it more durable and resistant to scratches and wear from cooking utensils. This is also intended to make the coating less likely to peel or flake into your food during the cooking process.

Does Gotham Steel Use Teflon?

Gotham Steel does not use any Teflon coating in the cookware. All of their product lines are coming with the Ti-Cerama ceramic cooking surface.

Is Gotham Steel Oven Safe?

All Gotham Steel cookware, including pots, pans, and tempered glass lids are safe to use in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius.

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However, you should inspect your pots and pans thoroughly before putting them into the oven. Do not use them if you notice any sign of wear or flaking coating on the inside of the pan.

The damaged coating can potentially lead to toxic fumes releasing from the cookware due to the high heat it is exposed to in the oven.

Is Gotham Steel Dishwasher Safe?

The marketing videos and brochures all explicitly state that Gotham Steel products are dishwasher safe.

dishwasher safe pan

They cite the extra durability of their titanium-reinforced coating saying it is strong enough to withstand cleaning in dishwashers.

It may be so but at the same time, the most common complaint from users - often after just months of use - is that the cooking surface is starting to scratch or lose its nonstick capability.

While you can stick them into a dishwasher, to enhance the longevity of these pots we strongly suggest cleaning them by hand instead, no matter what the manufacturer says.

Is It Safe to Use Metal Utensils on Gotham Steel Cookware?

Similar to the dishwasher safe claim, the company says it is safe to use metal utensils, whisks, and scrubs on their products.

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We understand that this is a major selling point in today's competitive market. Yet, there is no shortage of affordable and high-quality non-metal utensils and cleaning products so why would you choose metal?

Respect your nonstick cookware more by avoiding metal utensils and it will serve you longer.

Cleaning a pan with a sponge or paper towel soon after use (once it has cooled off a little) will be so easy that metal scrubs should never be used on nonstick surfaces either.

Safety Tips to Follow Before and During Cooking with Nonstick Pans

It goes without saying that you should follow the manufacturer's recommended usage guidelines but here are some additional tips we think are useful.

  • Inspect your pots and pans before use. Replace items with a damaged cooking surface.
  • Use heat well below the maximum temperature your cookware can withstand.
  • Avoid using any tools that can potentially damage the coating - even if the manufacturer says that their product is extremely durable.
  • Never place an empty pot on a hot stove.
  • Use ventilation and open the windows when cooking with high heat.


Does Gotham Steel Cause Cancer?

While we obviously cannot make promises in this regard, Gotham Steel pans and pots do not contain any harmful chemicals that are currently known to cause cancer.

They are free from potential carcinogens such as PTFE, PFOA, PFOS, lead, or cadmium.

Which is better Gotham steel or Copper Chef?

Both brands are competing in the healthy ceramic cookware arena and they are both heavily promoted on TV. They even have a similar, distinctive copper look that makes them visually appealing for many home chefs.

The choice between them depends on the exact cookware type you are after. Read our detailed comparison article of Gotham Steel and Copper Chef here.

Which is better Gotham Steel or Blue Diamond?

Blue Diamond is another "As-seen-on-TV" cookware brand featuring a toxin-free nonstick coating.

Our Gotham Steel vs Blue Diamond comparison article goes over the product selection and the pros and cons of each brand helping you make an informed choice.

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