Bialetti Frying Pan Reviews

You are in the right place if you are eyeing Bialetti pans and want to see how they perform in the kitchen before purchasing.

Over the years, eating habits have changed, shifting the emphasis towards healthier foods and careful selection of ingredients.

For this reason, Bialetti has created a range of cooking tools including sets of frying pans, saucepans and innovative sauté pans, all perfect for helping you cook delicious food naturally.

The technology of its pans is combined with the balanced style of the forms, providing a great cooking experience in your kitchen.

So let’s read more to find out why these pans are being talked about so much.

About Bialetti

Bialetti Group is an Italian based company that prides itself as the front runner in the production of quality and innovative kitchenware.

Their products combine the modern design of ceramic non-stick kitchen appliances with reliability and innovativeness associated with the Italian expertise. The company aims to grow and have their products become prominent in every home kitchen within Europe and the world at large.

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Bialetti Pans Included in This Review

We have looked at 4 different pans from the Italian manufacturer to get a good overview of their product range.

Bialetti Impact Textured Nonstick 2-Piece Fry Pan Set


Bialetti 2-piece set has two non-stick frying pans that are eight inches and ten inches wide. The pans come in a dark grey color and a textured metal pellet top surface.

The pieces are lightweight with a long firm handle that has a shiny and stylish finish that gives it a modern outstanding look.


The cooking surface is made of micro divot textured surface that offers great release when cooking. The exterior is made of a thick aluminum metal surface that enables the pan to withstand temperatures of up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, it distributes heat evenly, thereby eliminating hotspots. The handle is covered with thick tough silicone that offers a firm grip and is safe for use with ovens.


The cooking surface on the Bialetti pan is textured to give the user a perfect sear and even oil distribution to prevent pooling. We particularly were amazed with the cooking surface that is made of alloy and does not shed toxins in form of non-stick polish.

The pan's flat surface on the bottom allows use on both ceramic stoves and gas stoves. The heavy-duty aluminum exterior surface distributes heat evenly, thus giving users a remarkable cooking experience. 

We, however, don't recommend its use over induction cooktops because the bottom aluminum surface is not made for induction heating.

Users advise against scratching the surface with metal utensils; instead, use wooden utensils when stirring. This will preserve the non-stick surface and ensure your pan lasts for a long time.

We also received feedback from some users about the handle becoming too hot after using it for a long time. This is to be expected because the pan is designed for frying light meals, which means that prolonged use might lead to an overheated handle.


The Bialetti 2 piece has an easy to clean exterior surface that you can clean in a quick wipe. We, however, recommend hand washing it to keep it clean.

Although the pan supports metal utensil usage, we recommend that you use wooden utensils to prevent scratching the non-stick surface. For usage in ovens, do not exceed four hundred degrees Fahrenheit to avoid damaging the cooking surface.

The set contains:

  • A 10-inch non-stick frying pan
  • An 8-inch non-stick frying pan


  • Even heat distribution
  • Supports gas and ceramic stoves
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Has a firm and easy grip handle


  • The pan is not sold with covering lids
  • Does not support induction heating

Bialetti Aeternum Red Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan


Bialetti Aeternum is a stylish and fresh looking sauté frying pan that comes in red exterior color and a white non-stick cooking surface.

The handle has a similar red color with a shiny hanging hole finish at the end. The pan has a 12-inch wide cooking surface and is exceptionally lightweight.


The pan is made of a heavy gauge aluminum metal and a silicone exterior that guarantees its durability. The cooking surface has a white Nano-ceramic non-stick cooking surface that gives its user an excellent monitoring surface when in use.

It can be used on regular gas stoves as well as on ceramic gas stoves without damaging the pan or the stovetop.


It has received great reviews from users. To begin with, the flat surface ensures that oil on the pan spreads evenly to the whole surface while the non-stick ceramic cooking surface ensures that you use less oil. 

It is easy to clean with the recommended method being simple hand washing with dish soap. We also received feedback from users saying it supports induction tops without causing damage.

The pan, however, does not support use in the oven, and the non-stick surface scratches easily when metallic utensils are used on it. Moreover, take care when using it and do not overheat the food you are cooking. Overheating will make the food to stick to the pan's surface and prove difficult to remove.

Users have reported that the white color on the cooking surface makes it easy to spot stains. However, it discolors easily. As such, we recommend that you clean the pan immediately after use to prevent staining the white cooking surface.


Cleaning the pan is easy because the non-stick ceramic surface prevents food items from sticking on it. Use regular hand washing to remove stains and avoid steel wool or scouring pads that could scratch the surface. We advise that you use it on moderate heat to prevent food items from sticking on the surface. This pan does not support oven use.


  • Elegant and modern design
  • Supports induction heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Flat surface that ensures you use less oil


  • High temperatures makes food stick
  • White cooking surface stains easily

Bialetti Ceramic Pro Hard-Anodized Nonstick Fry Pan


Bialetti Ceramic Pro is a heavy-duty ceramic non-stick frying pan that comes in a deep gray color. It has a ceramic non-stick interior and a hard anodized exterior that ensures it withstands high cooking temperatures and last for a long time.

The pan's cooking surface is eight inches wide. Moreover, it is lightweight and comes with a long handle that makes it comfortable to cook with.


It has a cooking surface made of ceramic non-stick material while the exterior is made of hard-anodized aluminum. This pan supports use over gas as well as electric stoves.

It also supports oven use and can withstand high temperatures of up to four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. The aluminum material is not magnetic, which means that the pan cannot be used over induction stoves.


The non-stick surface of Ceramic Pro's interior allows users to use this pan to heat meat and vegetables with ease. The non-stick ceramic surface prevents sticking of materials on the cooking surface, thus making it easy to clean with just running water.

It can be used in high temperatures, but we advise users to not exceed four hundred degrees when tossing in the oven.

User reviews mention the handle being safe for use even after long usage over high heat, however, when cooking food that covers up to the upper third of the pan, the handle does get hot.

For lower amounts, the handle remains usable. Even when the middle metal parts of the handle overheat, the silicone and rubber covering the handle will protect you from burns.

The Bialetti team guarantees up to ten years of use with this pan, especially with correct use and maintenance. In fact, some of the people that have used the hard-anodized pan are saying that the its exterior has not scratched even after using it for one year.


It is easy to clean thanks to its non-stick cooking surface. We advise you to use regular hand washing to remove dirt and leftover materials on the pan after use.

Avoid cleaning it in the dishwasher to prevent scratching the non-stick surface.


  • Supports gas, ceramic, and oven use
  • The deep cooking surface can cook lots of food
  • Last for a long time
  • Easy to clean
  • Handle remains usable even after long use


  • The non-stick surface peels off after use for long
  • Does not include the lid

Bialetti Aeternum Easy Fry Pan


Bialetti Aeternum Easy is a neat, modern looking pan that comes in a contrasting mix of colors. The exterior is dark gray while the interior has a white cooking surface.

It has a wide cooking area that measures 11.75 inches wide and a depth of 22.25 inches. The light weight of the pan makes it easy to use while its dimensions make it easy to store since it occupies a small space.


The interior is made of new technology that is water based and combines silicate and titanium particles to deliver the efficient non-stick capabilities of modern kitchenware. The pan supports use over gas, electric, and ceramic stoves.

The exterior is made of 2.7 mm gauge aluminum that ensures even heat distribution and quick heat dissipation. This means that cooking using this pan is fast and energy efficient.


From user reviews, Bialetti Aeternum is safe and easy to use. The non-stick surface last for long and the food items peel off easily. However, it cannot be used in the oven and does not support induction cookers. The exterior is strong and does not scratch easily.

It is safe for use with silicon, wooden, and nylon utensils. However, you should avoid using metallic utensils on the pan when cooking because they are bound to scratch the non-stick surface.

Cooking with this pan is also fast. The even heat distribution ensures that the food on it to cooks evenly and quickly

The short warranty of 2-3 months also featured among the user reviews, casting doubt about its durability. It comes without a covering lid.


The pan cooking surface requires gentle hand washing with non-abrasive cleaners or dish soap. Should you have sticking food items on it, soak it in water for a while to ease the removal process.

We advise against putting it in a dishwasher to prevent the non-stick surface from scratching and peeling off.


  • Looks appealing
  • Easy to clean by hand washing
  • Is wide and deep
  • Supports gas, electric, and ceramic stoves


  • Short warranty of 2-3 months cast doubts about its durability
  • Does not work on induction cooktop
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